Why Should Musicians Have Their Own Apps?

In the vast ocean of social media, the risks of your musical individuality being overshadowed are at high stake. Cut through the noise of crowded channels with a dedicated mobile app that can help you foster meaningful relationships with your listeners. 

While other platforms hold their spot to build a fan base, a personalized app allows you to connect and interact with your fans at a more intimate level. You can create an ecosystem that is purely tailored to your brand. 

Let’s explore the power of apps for musicians in detail. 

– Share Your Music 

To begin with the obvious, what use is a music app if it does not feature your music? You can simply connect all streaming platforms, such as Spotify, Soundcloud, YouTube, or even iTunes, directly through your app. Your fans can preview your albums and new releases and even keep track of what’s coming soon. You can even sell your tracks through an integrated music player, or they can purchase upcoming music on iTunes through the app.

– Push Notifications 

While solid email campaigns are only read by 20% of your fans, push notifications are read by a whopping 70-80%. Imagine spending endless hours promoting your music, setting up tour dates, doing endless social media and email campaigns, going for radio appearances, and much more, compared to reaching your fans within minutes and getting immediate responses. You can tell them all the latest juicy updates, where and when your next tour is, when you’d be releasing the song, and what’s going on behind the scenes. 

– Make Fans Feel Closer 

Sharing pictures and memories on social media may be limiting. You need to follow specific rules so as not to upset the algorithm. If you post too much or too little, you won’t get the response you are looking for.  However, with the app, you have the freedom to share at your own pass.

You can create visual galleries to let your fans feel more connected. Besides that, you can also line up easier access to all your social media channels so that users can easily view them and can follow you through the application. 

Your app users would be the first to know of all your behind jam sessions, bloopers, live shows, recording process, and more. Sharing your musical journey with your fans through a single platform helps them feel more connected and helps you grow with them. 

– Tickets and Merchandise

You can add a full-blown e-commerce channel to your app, where fans can buy your merch and tickets to your next event. To gain more attention and to make more sales, you can always offer your app users special discounts and promote through push notifications. Merch is not only great in the financial aspect but also provides a piece of you to your fans — which helps market your brand. 

App users can also get updates about upcoming events and book tickets through your app before any other platforms. These little perks help not only boost your app but your entire musical identity.  Remember, just as you create music that connects you with your fans, your app is meant to do just the same.  

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