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Matrimonial & Dating App Development Company

App Development Force is a top of line matrimonial and dating app development company in USA that has a team of reliable dating and matrimonial app developers. Our app builders transform app ideas into reality with their iOS and Android app programming skills. From niche based dating app to cultural matrimonial app, they have worked on every sort of projects (30+). Let our talented app creators code your app for big success.

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Why Dating or Matrimonial App?

  • Matrimonial and dating apps usually grow of 20-30% every year
  • Over 337 million people use dating apps
  • Matchmaking market is estimated to amount to 134.5m users by 2028
  • 54% people use dating apps in USA

Must-Have App Features

Date Planner

The main feature of dating apps is date planning, which allows users to arrange dates, identify meetup places, and schedule their arrival times. Every dating app should have this feature.

Geolocation Tagging

A geolocation function should be included in dating apps as this feature helps users in discovering matches based on location.

Profile Filtering

Every dating app should have profile filtering because users want to sort profiles by interests, location, hobbies, and education. Your dating app must have the profile filtering function.

Calling Option

Every dating app should offer users the ability to make audio and video calls as it gives them a way to communicate.

Advanced Verification

No one wants to use a dating app with fake profiles, so if you want your dating app to be successful, make sure you verify the profiles using real time photos or identification cards.

Spam Protection

Filter out harmful profiles, foul language and profanity with this feature. Ensure your users get the best experience.

App Development Process

We follow an agile app development process and that is very simple; all you will need to do is to provide your requirements to our business analyst and he will listen to your idea and provide you proposal, following your acceptance; our app designers will craft the visual elements, and our coders will bring your app to life and hand it off to app testers, who will thoroughly test app before releasing it to app stores!


Good Work Speaks for Itself

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Hire Dating/Matrimonial App Developers

If you are looking to hire the best dating or matrimonial app developers with expertise in designing and building beautiful apps, you have reached the right service provider. We have a team of the best matrimonial and dating app developers whose expertise lies in developing all kinds of applications, whether niche-specific dating apps or region-specific matrimonial apps. We follow an agile app development methodology and write clean code. App Development Force is an award-winning dating and matrimonial app development firm rated as one of the best in the industry. We have vast experience in building on-demand dating applications and matrimonial applications; we make cool, socially acceptable and fun to use apps.