How Long Does It Take to Create an App?

Have a unique app idea in mind but aren’t sure how long will it take to execute it. Don’t worry we have done our research and have a step-by-step guide for you to develop your own customized App. It is vital to note that your app’s functionality and the way you choose to go about the whole process will heavily influence the time spent developing your app. Here’s a breakdown of all the stages and the estimated time required for each.

From Idea to Fluidity:

The first step is to test the idea of the app in the market and if there really is a need for it. Analyzing potential customers and their behaviors by conducting interviews with them. The research and validation will approximately take one to three weeks depending on the size and functions of your app. If in-depth research is conducted beforehand and you already have the statistics, this step can be skipped in the app development process. However, minimal research will be done throughout to keep up with shifts in the market and technology.

Product Strategy:

Now that the information from potential customers is gathered, it is time to strategize and lay out the product plan, technical routes to be taken, and cost estimations. And come up with a potential timeline for the whole process. This can take about one to two weeks.

Prototype and Validation:

You have to be very smart when building a prototype and be careful with what you choose to include or exclude from it. Our advice would be to save time and effort and only include one to two user roles specific to your app idea. A minimum of one week is estimated to make a clickable prototype. Then, we advise you to test the prototype by forwarding it to a couple of end-users to test the validity of the app and gather real-time feedback. This too will take a week or so depending on the round of feedback you gather.

Design and Development:

Now that all the research and testing are done, we get to the designing and coding of our final application. This is a very crucial stage if not the most in the developmental process. Hence, we advise you to try to keep up-to-date with the technological changes, user feedback, and the idea you started with. The designing phase can go up to two to three months. Then comes the longest phase of app development- coding. Although the time consumed here depends on the complexity of the app and functions offered, however, it is estimated to be completed in four to six months.

The Launch:

And finally comes the launch, which is divided into two steps. First comes the Alpha launch, which is tested in-house among the testers only, whereas the Beta launch is conducted with end-users on Testflight for iOS apps and Google Play Console for Android. It can take up to two weeks to a month as Apple and Android both work uniquely and might take longer to get approval.

Lastly, it can take a minimum of 30 to 47 weeks to develop your own customized app. However, it might take less or more time depending on the complexity and rigidity of your app and developmental plan. 

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