27 Sports App Ideas 2023

Why Sports App

  • Sports industry is one of the biggest contributors to the world economy.
  • Sports tourism and sports broadcasting have taken this industry to a whole new level.
  • Sports industry is 512 billion dollar industry globally.
  • Sports and games apps are the most downloaded apps in Appstore.

Here are some sports app ideas to get you pumped if you’re thinking about developing a sports application and are looking for a creative sports app idea.

#1 – Sports news app: Sports news apps can undoubtedly be a great idea as sports fans want to always stay up-to-date on sports news, sports events, match scores, matches schedules, analysis, and athletes.

#2 – Sports talent scouting app: An app that links athletes with sports teams and team owners. This helps talent scouts in discovering and assessing potential athletes for their squad.

#3 – Sports streaming app: The need for new sports streaming applications growing as old one look outdated now, therefore you may create your own panoramic app where people can watch live sports events. You can earn decent money from advertisements.

#4 – Athlete training app: You can go for a sports app that offers training regimens. This may help athletes train and tracks their progress through app.

#5 – Fantasy sports app: Even though there are already a lot of fantasy sports apps on the market, the new fantasy sports apps with a fresh perspective has still a great chance of success. Fantasy sports apps allow users to create their own teams, play against others, and earn cash rewards.

#6 – Fitness tracking app: You can present a brand-new app for tracking sports-related fitness objectives, such as calories burned, and distance travelled.

#7 – Sports coaching app: Sports coaches can start their own mobile apps to provide online and personalized coaching sessions and lectures.

#8 – Sports equipment app: People do purchase sporting goods online. You can launch an app that enables users to buy and sell sporting goods, such as sporting goods kits and sporting apparel.

#9 – Nutrition app: An app that provides nutrition advice and meal plans for athletes.

#10 – Sports quiz app: Since there aren’t many sports quiz apps available, you can take advantage of this opportunity to create one that tests users’ sports knowledge and monetizes through Google Ads.

#11 – Sports event management app: An app that helps manage sports events, including registration, scheduling, and scorekeeping.

#12 – Sports ticketing app: Online ticket sales for sports events are popular and profitable therefore you may develop an application that lets users, based on their preference, buy and sell sports tickets of sporting events.

#13 – Sports statistics app: An application that offers statistics on sporting events, such as athlete performance and team rankings. You can use data visualization charts within apps.

#14 – Sports social media app: You may develop a social media app to bring together sports lovers, post images, and talk about themes connected to sports. Niche-based social media apps have huge revenue-earning potential.

#15 – Sports camera app: An app that allows users to record and share sports-related videos.

#16 – Sports injury prevention app: As athletes, careers can be ruined by sports injuries, therefor you can create a sports injury prevention app that offers advice and pointers. The app can also include recordings of accidents that result in injuries and information on how to avoid them.

#17 – Sports equipment rental app: A mobile application that enables users to short-term rent sporting goods. This will give users a simple way to rent out their sporting goods and make money.

#18 – Sports merchandise app: You can launch an application that lets users buy and sell sports merchandise, such as jerseys, hats, and other accessories. People enjoy purchasing jerseys for their favorite teams, and by having an app, you may attract devoted and loyal app users.  

#19 – Sports travel app: Sports professionals frequently travel, especially athletes. You may create an app to assist athletes in organizing their travel-related sporting events.

#20 – Sports charity app: You can build an app that allows athletes to donate their athletic goods to charities.

#21 – Sports injury recovery app: An app with pay-per-view video content that offers players sporting injury treatment plans.

#22 – Sports event ticket aggregator app: An app that aggregates sports event tickets from different websites and allows users to compare prices and purchase tickets.

#23 – Sports fan community app: An app that can allow connecting, and chatting with their favorite athlete by paying a fee.

#24 – Sports memorabilia app: An app that allows users to buy and sell sports memorabilia, including autographed jerseys, baseballs, and photos.

#25 – Sports game simulation app: An app that simulates sports games, allowing users to create their own teams and compete against each other.

#26 – Sports ticket donation app: An app that allows users to donate sports event tickets to charitable organizations.

#27 – Sports podcast app: An application that compiles sports-related podcasts, enabling users to access all sports podcasts in one place.


There you have it! If you are looking for sports app development, our sports app developers are ready to work on your project!

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