Key Features of Cannabis Delivery App

With cannabis being legal in a few countries now, it seems like a promising industry to invest in and be introduced in the digital world if the ban has been uplifted from your country. Or, if you are looking to launch an app with existing cannabis delivery apps in the market. We have got you; here are some of key features that can make your cannabis app rise up the ladder this year.

User Tracking

First and foremost you have to make sure of the legalities for your business model to sustain and be ethical. By user tracking, we mean listing a feature that requires the user to verify their eligibility for the use of showing or scanning their ID card perhaps. Depending on the use of the drug it may vary on what the user needs to show. For instance, for recreational purposes, the user will only require to show the ID card but for consultancy medical purposes, they will require to show the prescription too.

Courier Tracking

I’m sure we are all familiar with Uber Eat, just think that but instead, you will be out here delivering marijuana. Courier tracking can help users significantly as with digital transactions users can usually feel like they don’t have control over things which makes them anxious. Subsequently, the tracking helps us to provide that ease for the user where they can see which stage of the order prep their parcel is in. For instance, if it’s being processed or if the rider is just around the corner. A live GPS tracking feature would definitely be highly recommended for your app.


You can adopt a similar technique to that of Instagram’s Explore page where the posts you interact with and like end up deciding what you see next. Here, too you can tailor-make a catalog of products depending on the user’s selection of what they are searching for and adding to their carts more often. Or, you could add a few questions to ask the user at the profile sign-up stage and make an assessment of what they might be interested in. These could be ranging from drugs to potentially related product devices like pods and smoking-related ones.


There’s nothing like a business model that has cracked the code for retaining its customers while getting new consumers hooked. Your existing consumers’ satisfaction should always be a priority and you can add features like Voucher redemption and Code referrals that help users get a discount on delivery or buy the product while marketing the app to a new circle of potential customers. As cannabis is kind of a product that consumers repeatedly buy, the opportunities to grow your business by offering coupon codes or vouchers is endless.


Keep the app users up to date with the new features, promotions, discount codes and products through notifications but make sure not to spam them hundred of notifications daily. Heard of the phrase just enough? Apply it here. Although users who receive notifications are more likely to use the app but limit should be set. Users are more likely to return to the app when notification are personalized like notifying them of their order by sending out notifications. Push notifications can be used to keep app users from quitting. App owners can remind users of the app’s benefits and entice them to come back by delivering notifications.

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