How Much Does a Travel App Development Cost?

Short Answer:

On average, simple travel app development cost between $10,000 and $50,000 whereas advanced travel application development costs $60,000 or above.

Long Answer:

Since there are many different types of travel applications, there is no magic wand to estimate the development cost of each type of travel application without knowing about its features and functionality. The development cost varies according to the app’s features, the location of developers, and the number of hours it takes to develop an app.

There are numerous types of travel applications from flight booking apps to travel planning apps, hotel booking apps to travel deals apps. Not only this, you can find hundreds of new travel app ideas that are all bubbling to be developed next. When business owners decide to go or travel app development, they often have two options:

1) Hire an in-house team of mobile app developers

2) Outsource it to a travel app development company

If you decide to hire an in-house team for travel app development, you will need to recruit resources in different job categories for travel app development.

Below, we mention the resources requirement for travel app development and their hourly rates:

1 Project Manager – $70 – $200 per hour

2 Graphic Designer – $50 – $200 per hour

1 UI/UX Designer – $60 – $180 per hour

3 IOS Developers – $120 – $300 per hour

2 Android Developers – $120 – $300 per hour

2 Backend Developers – $130 – $300 per hour

1 QA Expert – $50 – $120 per hour

However, if you decide to outsource your travel app development to a travel application development company, you will receive quotations from companies like the ones mentioned below:

Flight booking app development$10k – 60k

Hotel booking app development$10k – 65k

Car rental app development$10k – $30k

Travel planning app development$10k to $20k

Trip management app development$10k – $12k

Tour guide app development$10k – $15k

Travel expense management app development$10k – 20k

Here is an accurate explanation of why travel app development costs as much, we took an example of common types of travel applications and estimated the cost based on development hours.


Flight Booking App Development Cost



Flight Booking App: Users of flight booking apps can search for, reserve, and get flight information. Its common features include flight search, booking, payment integration, itinerary management, real-time flight monitoring, and push notifications.

Features & Development Time


– User Registration – 50 hours

– Flight Search & Booking – 100 hours

– Payment Integration – 50 hours

– Itinerary Management – 50 hours

– Real Time Flight Monitoring – 100 hours

– Push Notifications – 50 hours

Total = 400 hours * 100$ per hour = 40,000$


Hotel Booking App Development Cost


Hotel Booking App: Users can search for, reserve, and manage hotel reservations with a hotel booking app. Typical features include hotel search, reservations, e-payments, reviews, and alerts.

Features & Development Time


– User Registration – 50 hours

– Hotel Search & Booking – 200 hours

– Payment Integration – 50 hours

– Map & Service – 50 hours

– Reviews & Ratings – 100 hours

– Push Notifications – 50 hours

Total = 500 hours * 100$ per hour = 50,000$


Travel Guide App Development Cost


Travel Guide App: An app for travel guides those simplest travel apps that offer details on trips destinations, attractions, maps, and user reviews. Such mobile apps usually have features such as maps, user reviews, and destination information.

Features & Development Time


– User Registration – 50 hours

– Destination Research – 20 hours

– Payment Integration – 30 hours

– Map & Location Service – 50 hours

– Reviews & Ratings – 100 hours

– Virtual Tours – 100 hours

Total = 350 hours * 100$ per hour = 35,000$


From the above estimates, you may roughly predict that your app will cost between $10,000 and $65,000, and the length of time it takes to develop the app will depend on the unique features you want in travel applications.

The fixed cost of your travel app will depend on the requirements of your project. Our team can work with you on a fixed cost estimate or a time-and-materials basis. If you’re looking to partner with a leading travel app development company in USA, we are available to handle your app travel development project.

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