Guide to Build Mobile App Development Team

In order to make a mobile app, you need to actualize numerous tasks before it’s up and running. It can be a ponderous job, however, if the team you choose for the job is right, it can make the whole mobile app development process run a lot more placidly and the end product a lot more creative. There are some essential roles that need to be filled for that.

Project Manager

First and foremost, you need to onboard a project manager it can be your existing employee or hire someone for the job and make sure they have project management experience. As they are going to lead the entire process and communication among you, the business, and the IT team, it is vital for them to have a good command of communication, leadership, team management, teamwork, and creativity. Moreover, a good grip on project management tools and methodologies.

Product Manager

Although the job requirements of the role are similar to those of a project manager, their job revolves around maintaining the efficiency and viability of your app. They analyze the market and potential users and alter necessary changes in the features to provide the best possible solutions to the problems of the users.

Business Analyst

From the initial stage to the very end, they are responsible for calculating the cost analysis of the operations and helping optimize resources per your unique requirements. They play quite a deciding role in presenting solutions and up-to-date amelioration to your ideas.

UI/UX Designer

For an app to succeed, it has to have an engaging and interesting app design that results in a good and satisfying user experience. Make sure to hire someone with exceptional expertise in UI/UX design tools, and who is up-to-date with UX research, UI prototyping, and interaction design. A beginner’s level know-how of programming will be great too, as they will have to coordinate with the programmers. Based on the cycle of user feedback, they will have to curate a creative design and make alterations along the way.

Mobile App Developers

An app can be built for an IOS, or Android, or be a cross-platform application. Depending on your choice of platform, you will need to hire someone with the relevant experience and skills. You will need to hire cross platform mobile if you are going for a cross-platform application. If not, hire for whichever you are opting for (Android or iOS).

An IOS developer will be required to have a mastery of Objective-C and Swift to build native apps, Knowledge of the Xcode IDE, and a grip on how to build apps for the last few generations of iOS and iPadOS. On the other hand, an Android developer should have in-depth knowledge of the Java and Kotlin programming languages, and experience with Android Studio. These people will bring your UI/UX design come to life.

Backend Developer

If your project is a little too complex, it will require you to hire for this role. An individual with a good grip on programming languages and code versioning tools will fit the role. They ensure the stability of the app architecture and frameworks which will help run your app solutions smoothly.  

Quality Assurance Engineer

They play quite a vital role in the developmental process and are responsible for monitoring for any bugs or flaws in the app at each stage. Someone with a hands-on experience with QA testing tools and bug-tracking systems will be suitable for the job.

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