How Much Does Dating App Development Cost?

We are living in a digital world where we are more connected to individuals online than to people sitting right beside us. This creates a lot of room for social apps specifically dating ones, where the Millennials and Gen Z can find like-minded people in a space they are most comfortable in behind their screens. A market that is easy to enter with tons of opportunities for making a name for your app and profits alongside, if done right.

How Much Does Dating App Development Cost?

If you’re looking for a rough estimate of the cost of developing a dating app, it typically ranges from $50,000 to $250,000. To ensure that you have sufficient funds to build a dating app, it’s recommended that you set aside at least $50,000 for development cost.

We emphasize choosing the right path because it might be easy to enter the market if you have deep pockets but we cannot deny the existing competition in the market with a leading app like Tinder and plenty of micro-dating apps. But, don’t take a step back because of that, but research extensively for your vision and how you want to distinguish your app from the existing ones. Take, for instance, Bumble. It was founded by the co-founder of Tinder Whitney Wolfe Heard only. But she knew exactly how she wants to differentiate this app from Tinder. Tinder operates on a swipe left or right criteria, but Bumble requires the girl to message first, too, within 24 hours to the guy. On this basis, it changes the narrative and claims to be a feminist dating app by giving power into the hands of women in heterosexual couples. It’s providing the same service as Tinder, but with a twist. That is exactly what you need to find, your twist in the game. Once, you have figured out all of that then you can lay out your business model, features, hiring process of the team, and how you are going to execute your app to figure out the numbers it’s going to deduct from your bank account.

Hiring Team

First and foremost, you need to hire or employ a team if you don’t have one already. Whether you want to hire full-time employees, an agency, or freelancers. As dating apps aren’t too complicated to code or design we’d advise you to hire experienced dating app developers to save a few bucks while retaining quality.

Unique Selling Point

The more features and complex UI design you hand-pick, the more the cost of the app is going to be. But, we would advise you to spend some extra bucks here on your unique features because that is what is going to sell your app to the users in trials.


With dating apps being accessible by just a click on the download button, it is crucial to keep it out of the hands of minors and keeping a restriction for them on the app by not allowing them to make an account and register. Further, to help the users’ detect cons Tinder connects the profile of the user to the user’s Facebook ID to help maintain the integrity of the app. Make sure you implement data security and photo security for the users that something that even Tinder is lacking on. We would encourage you to spend on this part of the process.

The Launch

Decide on the channel that you want to create to get to your audience. Whether you want to launch on both Play Store and IOS, or cover both the grounds one by one. This can impact your final cost and impact significantly so choose wisely.

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